puppies of  Vital Way kennel

we have puppies for sale, boys and girls of dark brindle  from different parents. All puppies are vaccinated, have chip vet passport and documents RKF/FCI. Parents  have health tests. More information about puppies, photos, pedigree can be found on the page For Sale >>>>

kennel Vital Way

Vital Way Dastin Hofman- patella 0/0, HC N/N

Vital Way Boomer- patella 0/0, HC N/N

Vital Way Zheneva- patella 0/0, HC N/N

Vital Way Zhannet- patella 0/0, heart normal

Vital Way Viktorija for Dea Ventura - patella 0/0

Vital Way Greta Garbo-patella 0/0, heart normal, eyes ok

Vital Way Boomer

Judge:Christian Jouanchot

Vital Way Zheneva- ex1., CW.,JCAC., Best Junior female

Vital Way Dastin Hofman-ex 1., CW., CAC

Vital Way Boomer-ex 1.,CW., CAC

My Source of Joy Pifagor- ex 1., CW., CAC., CACIB., BOS

Vital Way Ester-ex2., RCACIB

Vital Way Dastin Hofman

Christmas show OSTUNI Italy

Vital Way Greta Garbo - CAC - RCACIB

Judge: Mariano Di Chicco

Kennel Club Dog Show in St. Petersburg

Vital Way Dastin Hofman- ex 1., CW., CAC., BOS., Ch RKF

Judge: Belsky Vitaliy

Congratulations to the owners

vital way Greta Garbo


Vital Way Greta Garbo - CW and first CAC

judge: Francesco Di Paola Nuzzo

Show of Toy and Companions, Minsk, Belarus.

Vital Way Victoria for Dea Ventura - CW, CAC, Best Female

Judge: Elena Mishchenko (Russia)

NDS, Minsk, Belarus

Vital Way Sherwood

Vital Way Sherwood - 1ex, CACIB!

Congratulations to Wilson Bulls!

Vital Way Zhannet

Vital Way Zhannet(fawn) -junior class exc2, JCAC!

Judge:Kitty Sjong, Denmark

Congrats Margit Rebase

Vital Way Greta Garbo

Judge: Manola Poggesi

Vital Way Greta Garbo-1 exc + BOJ

Congratulations Franz Di Pasquale

Vital Way Daphne Du Maurier

Vital Way Daphne Du Maurier - exc, BOS, BOB, BIG 1 !!!

Her first show in Sweden! Excellent result! Congratulations to Joanna Niroos

Vital Way Jurmala

Vital Way Jurmala-1 ex, BOS, BOB, Champion of Club!

Vital Way Sherwood

Vital Way Sherwood- Champion of Italy!

Vital Way Bonpari -Junior Champion of Russia, Junior Champion of RKF

Vital Way Aristotel- Junior Champion of Russia!

Congrats to owners!

Vital Way Zannet

Judge: Christofer Habig

Vital Way Zannet- ex1.,JСАС.,best junior

Congrats Margit Rebase!

Vital Way Boomer


Judge: Kitanovic Sasha

Vital Way Boomer - 1ex, CAC, BOB,Ch RKF

Vital Way Sherry Mont Blank-1ex, CAC, BOS

Ascona Cup Summer 2019

Judge: Ferone Armando

Vital Way Boomer - 1ex, CAC, BOB,Ch RKF

Vital Way Sherry Mont Blank-1ex, CAC

Vital Way Jurmala

Judge: Navarro Carmen

Vital Way Zalgiris -vp II

Vital Way Dustin Hoffman -excellent, CW, JWC,  best junior.

Vital Way Boomer - ex, CW, CCC

Pifagor- ex, CW, CCC

Vital Way Jurmala -ex, CW, CCC

Vital Way Chess Queen-ex, CW, WC, BOS

Vital Way Zhannet- ex, RW

Vital Way Sherry Mont Blank-ex, CW, WC, Best female of color


vital way

Judge- Henry Stanley (Irl)

Vital Way Jurmala- ex 2, r CACIB

Vital Way Boomer- ex 3

Vital Way Ester- ex 1, CW, CAC

kennel Vital Way

International Dog Show

Judge:Eytan Hendel

Vital Way Jurmala- CW, CAC, CACIB, BOS!!

My Source of Joy Pifagor-RCAC

French Bulldogs Show

Judge: Christakis Zenoy

Vital Way Jurmala-JCC

My Source of Joy Pifagor-CW,CCC

Vital Way Ti Amo-CW, Winner of the club, Best female in color.

Vital Way Ti Amo -New Champion of French Bulldogs Club!!!

kennel Vital Way

Parents have health tests, great pedigree, promsing for show

kennel Vital Way

Judge: Dmitry Mamontov

Vital Way Bonpari- v.p1, CW, best puppy of color, BIS puppy 2

Vital Way Jurmala-ex1, CW, BIS Junior 1, BIS 3 Vital Way Ester-ex1, CW, CCC

Vital Way Ti Amo-ex1, CW, CCC

Dea Ventura Vital Way-ex1, CW, CCC

My Source of Joy Pifagor- ex 1, CW, winner of the club, BIS 2

vital way kennel

Available for sale 3 brindle females from different litters

vital way kennel

judge: Svetlana Radyuk

Vital Way Jurmala-CW, JCAC, Best Junior, BOS