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Dina Feri TeilWelcome to the French Bulldog kennel VITAL WAY web site.
Our acquaintance with this breed began in 2001. Our first french bulldog was female - Dina Feri Teil. This small creature with large ears, a solid body and  courage  heart have not left us indifferent. She has successfully participated on shows, quickly became a Russian champion and gave birth to a beautiful puppies. With her  started our love for this breed.
Late we bought two females -VIVIATA de Elka Gyvybes Zyme, COCO CHANELL de Elka Gyvybes Zyme, and two males - BANNAN de Elka Gyvybes Zyme and TISSOT du Champagne.

These dogs with exelent exterior not only successfully participated on shows, but there are strong mentally, good health and wonderful temperament. Since their in kennel breeding work began.

Dogs of our kennel actively participate on shows. Kennel  have the Inter champion, multi champion, Youth champions of different countries, the national breed club's young champion, champions of various countries, the Grand Champion, a national breed club champions, our Viviata recognized as top bitch in 2008.

Coco Chanell De Elka Gyvybes ZymeViviata De Elka Gyvybes ZymeDogs and puppies of our kennel live in the family house out of town, where they have sufficient place for active play and walk. Only a few breeding females and males are living in our home, most of the females live in loving families where they have the good care of their puppies, and the necessary conditions and lot of love and attention for them.

We concentrate  special attention to the health of dogs, because we understand - unhealthy dog is diaster to his owners. We use for breeding  only in healthy dogs. Before mating, our females are vet checked, regularly inspected and males. We carry out health tests (patella and heart).

Tissot Du ChampagneBannan De Elka Gyvybes ZymeIn our kennel you can buy different qualities of dogs - as for show as like pet. As well as offer and young dogs.

When you apply to the kennel for puppy, please tell us about yourself, what purpose you buy a puppy. This will help us to choose the necessary dog for you.

We appreciate and respect our dogs, we love and remember each our puppies. We are interested in the further destiny of our puppies. We are pleased with the information and photos of puppies new lives.

More information - on our other web site pages. If you have any questions, we will be happy to answer.

Anna Zelenkova
I am a member of the Russian French Bulldog Club, working with FCI.