15.12.2019 International Dog Show Nevsky Winner15.12.2019 International Dog Show Nevsky Winner

Judge:Christian Jouanchot

Vital Way Zheneva- ex1., CW.,JCAC., Best Junior female

Vital Way Dastin Hofman-ex 1., CW., CAC

Vital Way Boomer-ex 1.,CW., CAC

My Source of Joy Pifagor- ex 1., CW., CAC., CACIB., BOS

Vital Way Ester-ex2., RCACIB

Thanks a lot to our handler Karina Orlyukevich, for help in the ring Oksana Utesheva, and also congratulations to all the owners of our dogs!

Vital Way Boomer
Vital Way Boomer
My Source of Joy Pifagor